5 Reasons Why Relationships Get Broken Easily

We all wondered why some relationships do not last a long time. While some may have enjoyed the joyous fruits of a lasting relationship, some, on the other hand, are still not happy with the recent breakups they had.

It is true that people need to have at least one trusted friend in them. But it is also true that along with this comes heated tensions, discrepancies, and a lot of misunderstandings.

We’re not saying that these are not normal in a relationship. In fact, any healthy relationship out there goes through seasons’ challenges. That is why we have concluded that challenges are not there to make relationships only last for a short time. Rather, challenges are there to make the bond stronger and healthier than before.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the known reasons why relationships get broken easily.


Pride strongly equates to vanity. When one is proud, it would be hard to please that person. A lot of times, a proud person thinks that he’s greater or better in many ways than others.

Within the context of a relationship, pride can easily sweep out even the strongest one in the group.

In reality, pride can really leave a strong mark on one’s personality. Oftentimes, pride could lead to a grudge, making it harder for the relationship to mend down the road.

When everyone is prideful, expect the relationship to not last long. What better way to defeat this trait than to be humble at all times? By being humble, you set aside your own emotions and “rights” and pave way for others to speak and express their thoughts and emotions. By being humble, you forgive those who have offended you. By being humble, you understand that your relationship is more valuable than the issue at hand.


Selfishness is somehow related to pride. For when one is proud, it would be natural for that person to only think about himself and the good things he would get from all that has happened.

The root cause of having a crab mentality is selfishness. By being selfish, you care less about how others would feel and think. By being selfish, you only think about yourself and your rights. You don’t care about others’ downfall as long as you get it to the top.

The problem with selfishness is that you don’t know you are selfish at times. Your mind is clouded with fantasy as you only think about yourself. Oftentimes, you don’t know you have already hurt someone because of your own selfishness.

One of the ways to combat selfishness is to serve others. Join charities and organizations that reach out to the unfortunate people in society. The experience itself would give you lots of valuable lessons in life.


Entitled people are hard to deal with, but they are present everywhere – in our homes, in our workplace, in our community!

The problem with entitled people is that they have a strong belief that they deserve special treatment. When things don’t go well as what they expected to be, the normal reactions would begrudge and offenses.

Because of the grandiosity of how they feel about themselves, oftentimes they don’t accept mistakes. They will always find a way to make their justifications right, and this will leave the other party in pain, frustrated, discouraged, angry, and the like.


Trust should be the foundation of every healthy relationship. When one lacks trust over the other, it would be difficult for the relationship to work. Doors would be closed and both parties may find it very difficult to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings with one another.

While it is easy to build a relationship out of trust, it is also easy for that relationship to fall apart as soon as there is already mistrust.

The key to having a thriving relationship is the trust that springs from always being honest with each other.


The grudge is a result when there is an unwillingness to forgive and let go of what happened in the past.

When someone has a grudge towards someone – a friend or a family member, it would be hard for that relationship to be mended right away because of the unwillingness of the person to release forgiveness.

Because of the persistent resentment from a painful event or memory in the past, wounds might take longer to heal, resulting in more problems occurring at a later time.

The best way to resolve this is to release forgiveness. Only then could there be peace felt within you as well as the relationships around.

It is very easy to build a good relationship with someone – hang out with them for a long time and share memories with them down the road. But as mentioned, relationships are bound to undergo a series of tests to prove each other’s worth. Make sure not to give up. Allow the fire to refine the relationship to make it stronger and better than before.

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