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7 Awesome Smart Home Gadgets on Amazon

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

This thermostat will influence you to love your thermostat. It’s in thousands of homes all over the world. This thermostat has saved billions of kilowatt hours of energy up until this point, and that is only the start. Meet the third era Nest Learning Thermostat. It has a sharper and bigger screen and it’s far better at knowing what you prefer. Simply turn it up or down. It will get on following a couple of days and make a customized plan for you. That is the manner by which the nest thermostat saves energy. In genuine homes with real families, it spares so much energy, which it paid for itself. To save much more, simply follow the leaf.

Nest even turns itself down the moment you go out and you can control it from anyplace. You can perceive how much energy you utilize each day and how to utilize less. Organizations on energy everywhere throughout the globe are offering the nest thermostat to their clients since they know it is an energy-saver. That is the most wonderful part. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and then pays for itself as well.

Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

I gave this to my husband on Father’s Day and he LOVES IT!!! He installed it in about 15 minutes with no issues and quickly learned how to operate it from his iPhone. Also, when we’re away from the house for the day or for several days, he opens the app on his phone and turns on the air before we arrive home so that the house is cooled when we arrive-a fabulous treat and I’m sure a money saver on the utility bill as well!
The new “Far-Sight” feature is awesome and can catch me at approximately 10 feet away even in the dark. When Nest detects any motion it will illuminate with what the current temperature is. This is how it can tell if you are home or not and can automatically place itself in “Away Mode” for energy savings. Being able to control everything from the application on my smartphone itself is so awesome (fan, cooling/heating mode, humidity level, away/home mode, set a schedule, history, etc.). Nest will remind you when you should change your air filters on your furnace because it can base it upon how many times it turns on and off. Significant drop in energy consumption can be seen on my gas bill after month 1. Due to this my father purchased the item as well and has no complaints thus far.
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Kuna – Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light


Kuna is a savvy, Wi-Fi camera incorporated with a nice outside light installation. It recognizes individuals and alerts you. You can see and converse with them on your cell phone. It’s the most ideal approach to effectively avoid break-ins. Most robberies are wrongdoings of opportunity. The criminals will really thump on your way to check whether you’re home.

Furthermore, when they sense that you’re, not home they’ll endeavor to go into your home. Keeping them outside is the most imperative thing you can do and Kuna enables you to do it. You can hinder robbers by conversing with them or setting off from its alert. Making your home more secure shouldn’t be an errand. Doing it without anyone else’s help is an agony and may costs a lot. That is the reason why we incorporated Kuna with an outdoor light, simply replace your old light installation and utilize your current wiring. Link it with another Wi-Fi and you’re finished. It’ll take 15 minutes.

There are three distinct styles to coordinate your home. In this way, you can put Kuna anyplace; back door, front door or even at the carport to watch your car. You can likewise control it with the Kuna application. You can turn it on turn it off, set a timetable or simply let it turn on consequently when it gets dark. At the point when there’s somebody, you just need to get alerts that matter. Kuna overlooks trees and little creatures and it perceives individuals’ behaviors. You can tell Kuna to alert you only for guests holding up at the door and it’ll learn and get smarter after some time.

There’s a significant peace of mind that originates from recognizing what’s occurring at your home, regardless of whether it’s your friends and family or the delivery guy, Kuna will always alert you. Also, if it’s someone bad, now you can make a move about it.


  • Photodiode for dusk-to-dawn light control
  • 720P HD camera (116 degree diagonal FOV)
  • High fidelity speaker for clear audio and loud alarm siren
  • PIR motion sensor for increased detection accuracy
  • Microphone for high quality audio capture
  • 3-color status LED with selectable display/hide modes
  • Smartphone (tablet optional), maximus supports all iOS devices running iOS 7 or above (iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above) and android devices supporting android 4.4 and above (kit kat)
  • Includes 16 watt LED bulb, 3000K Color Temperature
Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

Kuna light is easy to install and link to my iPhone and it looks great. After I installed the kuna kight fixture after only one night i caught an individual aproach my home at 1:30 am with a sock on his hand he climbed my stairs and stole my light bulb. And he stole several more in my neighborhood with video i had we posted this on facebook many people saw the video . The story was picked up by a local radio station whose dj was also a victim of this creepy man it was then broadcast on wbz tv 4 in boston this thief is now known as the “charlestown light bulb bandit” if you google this charlestown light bulb bandit you can see the video. Well done kuna i will be installing more of these light at the other entrances to my house.
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Ratchio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Ratio Smart Sprinkler

Ratchio allows you to take control of your water. Without much effort, you can change your sprinklers whenever you like. Ratchio waters only the appropriate amount and it won’t water in the rain. So you can get the huge yard you need as you save time and cash. To begin with, Ratchio is easy to install and set up on the App. Tweak your watering to your yard by soil type, plant type, sun exposure and the likes Then, you can take advantage of Ratchio’s immense network of local weather stations to tune your watering to the most recent forecast. You’re prepared to take control, keep and watch out for your yard from anyplace.

Ratchio consequently checks climate forecasts and modifies plans for occasional changes, colder temperatures and rain. Saving you up to 50 % on your outdoor watering bill, as you help save over a half billion gallons of water all over the world and you’ll know it works. Ratchio is EPA WaterSense Certified and proven and tested to the highest standards to the industry. Thus, you’ll have time to appreciate that great yard without wasting any water or cash all with the control of Ratchio.

Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

I only had this installed two weeks ago, but it is so easy using my iPhone to setup and adjust settings. I love that it tells me how much water has been used. I can’t say yet whether we’ve saved money on water (which is horribly expensive here in Citrus County, Florida. I may add to this after I had it a few months and gotten a few bills.
Excellent Product. The controller works as intended with Samsung Smart things Hub. Easy to control different zones on different schedules. The controller was simple to install as well. Would highly recommend this product from Rachio.
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Awair Glow – Air Quality Monitor

Awair Glow Air Quality Monitor

For your information, your indoor air can be five times more contaminated and also the outdoor air could affect sleep, eczema, asthma and much more. Awair has the ability to trap toxins and chemicals in your air and using customized recommendations for you to make your air safe and clean. Awair Sensors distinguish the five key factors that decide your air quality– gas, C02, chemical, temperature and humidity. Awair tells you when and how these change as early as it occurs. You can also observe the current air quality on your house or you can track your enhancements after some time. On the other hand, it can even connect with other smart items to instantly keep your air healthy and clean.


  • Tracks Toxins and Chemicals, CO2, Humidity and Temperature
  • Turns on your appliances the moment your air quality deteriorates
  • Provides actionable insights and personalized tips
  • Has an elegant night light that activates by motion, touch, or through the app
  • Works with iPhone iOS (8 or later), Android (Jelly Bean 4.3 or later), 2.4 GHz WiFi
Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Glow. It is very reassuring to have a better picture of what’s in the air we breathe. The set up was simple and use is seamless. I would prefer more available data on the VOCs themselves that are detected, but that probably is too much to ask of an air monitor. I am trying to determine is mycotoxins are considered VOCs or if the Glow recognizes them at all. Regardless, Without the Glow, I wouldn’t have known about a CO2 problem in our house and therefore I am able to take steps to amend that. Thanks!
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WaterHawk – Smart Rain Shower Head


The WaterHawk plainly shows the amount of your continuous water usage and gallons, which enables you to take control of how much water you utilize and can save. People need to make a difference as they lessen their usage of water. However, they want simple yet accurate solutions. The WaterHawk is the primary shower head that is available on the market that can do all of that.

The LED Display also shows you the current temperature in degrees Farenheit, and the quick color indicators help you easily spot when your shower is warm and ready from across the bathroom so no water goes wasted during your perfect shower.

Use the WaterHawk Shower head to measure the max temperature of your hot water and adjust your water heater down to around 115 degrees Fahrenheit at the shower head to optimize your energy cost to heat your water. Adjust, tweak and save on your next electric, gas or propane bill.

Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

The best shower head I’ve ever owned. Self powered by water stream, no batteries or charging. It shows you the temperature of the water by color changes. Also shows the amount of water usage. So simple and so easy to install. Love it.
This shower head is very easy to install. I didn’t have to go buy any extra parts. It’s a 6 inch head that has a rain like effect when the water is pouring out. The flow is not a strong steam of water that hurts to touch your skin, but sprays all over like a massage. It also has a feature on it that tell you how many gallons of water you are using as well as the temperate of the water. There’s an LED ring around the monitor that lights up with 3 different colors. Blue is if your water is too cold, green when it’s probably just right, and red if it’s too hot. While showering it switches displays between how many gallons of water being used and between the temperature. The water flow is great and the temp feature is pretty cool. It a nice shower head for the price.
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Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect

With Schlage electronic locks, you can dispose all the issues of carrying a key. Just simply enter your four-digit code on the Schlage electronic lock and you can easily get in. There’s memory for large amounts of various codes as well, which implies that everybody can have their own particular number from the house, cleaner, to the pet sitter, up until your friendly neighbor. Because of this. Changing or erasing a code is nothing but difficult to do. Be prepared to join the keyless generation. With this, you can utilize your smartphone or your computer tablet to monitor your home anytime anywhere. You can even get alarms when somebody enters your home.


  • Keyless Security:

Never have to worry about keys to lose, hide, carry or forget.

  • Easy Installation:

Standard lock design fits most one-hole residential door preps. Installation requires only a screwdriver and no wiring is needed.

  • Auto-Handing Feature:

Intuitively detects the direction the bolt needs to be thrown during installation.

  • Programming:

Program user codes right from the lock or via Z-Wave platform provider.

Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

I love it. It works just like it’s supposed to and Alexa locks it and can check to see if it’s locked. Do not use included batteries. Use fresh ones when you install and you will have a great irking lock that looks fantastic
Works as it should. We purchased a Wink 2 Hub for our home so we could run this via wifi rather than bluetooth. This lock and the Wink system work well together. You can program key codes from your phone app, lock and unlock the door, and also see who’s been going in and out (by seeing which key codes were used). This lock was part of our first step of creating a smart home (smart smoke alarms, thermostat, door lock, alarm system, etc.)
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The myLIFTER is a mechanized lifter that was intended to find a solution to two issues: The first is to dispose misused space by allowing you to lift and store things in places that are typically difficult to reach. Second is to enable you to lift awkward and heavy things by simply pushing a button. Every myLIFTER unit is 3″ by 4.5″ by 4.5″ (marginally bigger than a grown-up fist), and weighs approximately 2 pounds, making it simple for one individual to deal with and install. Regardless of its size, each myLIFTER can able to lift up to 100 pounds! It is perfect for lifting and putting away objects like bikes, kayaks, and payload boxes.

Also, you can install several myLIFTER together to raise bigger things like a capacity stage or Jeep hardtop. You can synchronize them within the application and control them all with a sole button press. The myLIFTERS are very smart to the point that when they are connected, they will speak with each other to guarantee that they lift heavy things equally! The spool has a built-in cable management that will keep the myLIFTER’s 25 feet of stainless steel, which lifts cable from tangling up, regardless of whether you raise and lower it with no weight attached. MyLIFTER has a built-in security features that will prevent it from lifting if clients incidentally surpass the 100-pound weight limit. Moreover, it has an internal break mechanism that bolts the spool consequently when it’s not moving or if it lost power. MyLIFTER was designed to be controlled with your iOS smart gadget through an instinctive application-based interface.

Technical Specifications

Customer Reviews:

My myLifter was very simple and easy to use! The app was cool technology and it seems like it will work well for a long time!
We have a small attic and high ceilings, so getting heavy things down a ladder, backwards, was a pain…so I found the small lifter, such a lifesaver. Mostly because with my phone I bring it down and up; because all the the other lifts I found they had either a long remote control cable dangling and that’s impossible with my high ceiling and ugly, or other needed hard wire install…that’s not making my life easier.

It was like a 30min to install, very happy with lifter, great invention guys.

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