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Diving Destinations in the Philippines that Should be on Your List

Diving Destinations in the Philippines

People all across the globe know that Philippines is one of the most favorite destination spots for tourists, not only because of their delicious foods and warm welcome, but also because of their beautiful beaches.

Philippines is a democratic nation that is situated in the Asia Pacific. Because of it being surrounded by many beautiful islands and white sand beaches, people couldn’t help but go there and witness its grandiosity.

It is indeed worth to pay a visit in this wonderful nation. You would be surprised at the many things the country and its people could offer. When you arrive in the Philippines, you would be greeted by nice and friendly people, and once you are already checked-in at a hotel resort, the first thing you would probably ask yourself would be, “where are the fun activities?”

Fun activities are included in every trip. In the Philippines, one of the activities offered, which all tourists should not miss out doing, is scuba diving. Their beaches are just ready for it!

Philippines, being a country that values the welfare of animals and sea creatures, provides an avenue for tourists to discover the beauty of their underwater as well as give you an impression of how they maintain it. True indeed, their underwater experience is what makes Philippines a great place to visit.

So if you are planning to visit the archipelago for a scuba diving adventure sometime in the future, it is important to know beforehand the famous diving destinations in the Philippines there that most tourists would go to. Here is the list:

Apo Island

Apo Island

A small island in the Visayas region, Apo Island is a famous diving destination for tourists. When you arrived in the Philippines, you then book another flight to Negros Oriental.

Apo Island has been considered as one of the best dive sites in the world. Due to the efforts made by its administrators, the services offered and the wonderful experience people would get are totally one-of-a-kind and worthy of international admiration.

Up until today, thousands of tourists go to Apo Island every month, excited to have a blast experience with their scuba diving adventure.

It is good to know that Apo Island is not only being supported by their administrators but as well as supported by scientists from Silliman University. Their locals are very supportive as well, offering hospitality to every tourist they found.

Truly, it is worth it to go to Apo Island and have a blast!

Monad Shoal

Monad Shoal

Still in the Visayan region, one that is also famous for scuba diving is the Monad Shoal.

Monad Shoal is situated in the Cebu province and is known for showcasing beautiful sceneries underwater. Perhaps the underwater experience in Monad Shoal is very much different from your underwater experience in another island. It could be because of the elegance and enticing creatures the island has underwater.

For example, Monad Shoal has been known to have sharks with odd shape. To know who have done scuba diving in this island, they could perhaps testify how interesting these creatures are.

The other good thing about this island is that you can choose to dive anytime of the day. In fact, most divers would want to have a second dive in the afternoon just to see the manta rays which are believed to be very beautiful.

If you are an adventurer who is not only looking for adventure, but as well as beauty in the surroundings, then this island is the best place for you!



Anilao, unlike the other 2 islands mentioned awhile, is not situated in the Visayan region, but in the upper part of the Philippines, somewhere in Luzon.

A lot of people visit this island, especially during weekends. In fact, most people living in Manila would choose this as one of their favorite diving sites for various reasons.

This also goes to say that not only tourists visit this island, but locals as well. One of the reasons why Anilao is a perfect diving site in the Philippines is because of the weather condition in the area.

It has been said that the condition of the island is perfect for scuba diving all year round. Plus, scuba diving allows you to see a lot of beautiful marine life and landscapes underwater. It would be a remarkable experience!

WWII Wrecks

WWII Wrecks

If you happen to visit Palawan, which is also famous tourist destination in the Philippines, make sure you don’t leave the place without visiting the WWII Wrecks in Coron Bay.

Not only is this island suitable for scuba diving, but as well as very historic as many Japanese warships have landed in this area during World War II. For sure, it would not only be full of fun and adventure, but you would also receive many insights about the country’s rich history.

It has been said that in this island, the remains of these Japanese warships from World War II are still there. It could be a very interesting site to see as not all people get to see a warship used long time ago, especially one from World War II.

Moreover, doing scuba diving in this island would surely give you a distinct experience from the rest considering its rich and diverse marine life.

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake

Still in Coron Island, Palawan is the Barracuda Lake.

What is interesting about this diving site is that some of its underwater landscapes are very distinct from the rest. So if you are someone who has been doing scuba diving for a long time now and it seems like the landscapes you see underwater are just about the same as others, then perhaps it would pay a lot if you try this place out! For sure going scuba diving in the Barracuda Lake would leave you with a different impression. Perhaps it is also one of the reasons why it is popular today.

But aside from the odd landscapes you find, the lake in itself is also filled with centuries-old stories about a monster-sized barracuda living under it. Whether that is true or not, the story itself is very interesting to find out!

Ticao Pass

Ticao Pass

Going back to the Northern part of Philippines, you can also visit another famous diving site called Ticao Pass. Not only can you see beautiful manta rays in this location, but also you get to enjoy its marvelous sightings. Imagine yourself being able to dive with whale sharks in this island – that would be awesome!

Aside from that, Ticao Pass is not only famous for scuba diving, but as well as snorkeling. It is one of the most favorite snorkeling sites for most people in the Philippines.

A great view, a wonderful experience, and beautiful manta rays – all can be seen and experienced in Ticao Pass Island.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

Still another famous diving site in the Philippines is Puerto Galera.

Year after year, people from around the world go to this island, not only for scuba diving, but as well as for sightseeing.

For some people, going to this island is a wonderful experience, considering its distinct underwater experience, and very welcoming locals.

The best part about Puerto Galeria is that your diving instructor could bring you to up to 40 different diving sites within Puerto Galera alone. You get to choose, of course, which diving site you want to try out! Some are safer for scuba diving, while others may be a little hardcore.

People living in this island seemed to have been accustomed to scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water activities. In fact, the beach has already become their means for living. Yet, little have been said about the richness of this island. Some diving sites have yet to be explored and lavished upon.

Tubbataha Reef

Tubbataha Reef

This diving site has been considered as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. In fact, because of its beautiful sightings and rich marine life, the country has also made it as one of their national parks. The Tubbataha Reef contains hundreds of underwater species, whales, dolphins, and corals.

It is more than just a suitable site for diving, but as well as a valuable place for marine biologists and scientists to explore on. You too, as a diver, could explore its beauty and richness. Take some photos with you for remembrance.

An underwater experience in the Philippine is truly one-of-a-kind. It is for sure different than others, and would leave you surprised all the time. Many tourists go to the Philippines for scuba diving, regardless of the gender and race. Whether you are a professional diver or first-timer, you can go scuba diving at your favorite diving site. In fact, it would be easier to get a license there if you want.

Today, more and more people from all over the world are going to Philippines to become professional divers. If it is your passion to do it and if you think you want this to become your career, then might as well consider what Philippines has to offer.

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