How to Choose a Good Baby Car Seat – Important Things to Remember

Important Things to Remember While Buying a Baby Car Seat

Carrying your babies is difficult enough, parading around with them in a car is impossible! If you are planning to go on a long drive with your baby, then well! The answer to your prayers – a baby car seat! But, how would you buy the right one? What are the important considerations? Let us have a quick look on how to choose a good baby car seat.

Ease of Usage and Installation

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration star rating system, the greater the rating of your baby car seat the easier it would be to use. So, choose one that has more stars because it means easy installation and usage. This way your child will remain secured.

One That Has Base

Most infant car seats have a plastic base that you can install in your cars. There are some who choose to buy the base additionally. Just snap the seat into the base and you are ready to travel. Similarly, when you reach the destination, unsnap it from the base. There are certain baby car seats in the market that have additional features like an adjustable foot rest which helps get a proper recline angle. There are add-on features like level indicators which makes use of a bubble to show you where exactly the correct angle is.

Easy Adjustments

As your baby grows you need to adjust the harness and headrest. The best baby car seats are the ones that allow you to adjust the straps and change the height according to need. Look for the features like single-hand belt adjustments, headrests that can be easily adjustable, east to open buckles, etc.

LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) Style

The latest models of all kids’ car seats of the vehicles are compatible with LATCH. It enables you to attach the baby car seat directly to your vehicle and use seat belts to secure it. The LATCH connectors are easier to operate. This makes the installation of seats easier. Look for both lower anchors as well as tethers to get the best value.

Also, while you are buying baby car seats look for the features like it detachable covers that can be cleaned easily, energy absorbing foam that protects the head and chest of your babies in case of any accident, etc.

Head support

You should find a seat that has an insert to support your new born baby’s head since he/she will not be able to hold up his/her head as of the moment. Only utilize inserts that are manufactured by similar company as your car seat or else, you are risking an improper fit. If this is still not a great support, in order to keep your baby’s head in place, you can roll up blankets around his/her head. Neglect having neck pillows since, while they look supportive, they could really be dangerous if accidents might happen.


You have to choose one with a five-point harness. Choose straps that are not difficult to buckle and adjust, and choose one that is simple to latch and unlatch. Once you set up a car seat, which is rear-facing, you need to guarantee that the shoulder harness are at or below the shoulder level of your baby.

Energy-absorbing foam.

Energy-absorbing foam can keep your baby safe since it can protect him/her from impact.

Side protection

Adequate barriers and deep side walls around the neck, spine and head will protect your baby when a side-impact accident will happen. Search for evidences and research regarding the website of the manufacturer that support any testimonies about side-impact protection.


Feel if the padding and material feel cozy and soft. This may seem like a luxury, however, anything that keeps the baby soothe is important in the first few months.

Expiration date

A normal life span is approximately 6 years—after that, the plastic could be brittle. This is specifically vital to check if you are borrowing a car seat from a relative or a friend. Be sure to only accept hand-me-downs from somebody that you really trust. Because of this, you must not buy a car seat at a second hand store. Moreover, you must never utilize a seat that does not have a label with the model number and instructions and the date of manufacture.


Babies must ride rear-facing until they reach two years of age, or until they reach the peak height and weight permitted by the manufacturer of the car seat. Then, they could move to a front-facing seat with harness. All kids under 13 years of age must ride in the back seat since thi is the area where they will be safest. In vehicles with no back seats, they must turn off the front seat airbag since it can greatly harm the baby.

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