How To Choose A Good Car Navigation System

A Quick Guide to Buy a Good Car Navigation System

Diamonds and dogs may be our best friends, but the moment we get out of the comfort bubble we call home, we go straight to our second best friend: our cars. It is set in stone that cars are one of the most useful and essential things ever made especially when you’re living in the city. Naturally, as time went by ever since it was invented, a lot of improvements have been made to make cars safer and more user-friendly during travels. One of these improvements is the option to install a navigation system in your car to help you avoid traffic for a smoother drive, help you from getting lost in unfamiliar streets, and of course, help you travel more safely with guidance and notifications when danger is near.

There are innumerable car GPS navigation units available in the market, and they come in different sizes and shapes, all designed for specific car situations. So, if you are not very tech savvy, you are probably going to have a difficult time choosing one that is fit and good for your car.

Here is a quick guide in buying a good car navigation system:


Before you purchase anything, it’s always good to have already budgeted your money so you would know what specifics to get and consider if some of them are really that important. It’s good to do this before the purchase because if you are saving, perhaps you can search for an older model but before you do, make sure that it doesn’t have outdated maps. Also, if you are willing to make a big investment, it is possible to get more advanced features like voice controlled navigation for live updates of traffic, weather conditions, and much more. Know exactly what you need to find the best device for you and your vehicle. If you are driving professionally, you must choose the one that shows you enough features to fulfil your needs.

Choose Between Built-In and Portable GPS Navigation System

In the market, two types of GPS navigation systems are mostly available: handheld and in-dash. Handheld GPS is the portable kind of a navigation system. This unit consists of Standalone GPS navigation devices and smartphones GPS applications. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider buying a portable GPS navigation system. Other than the low prices you can get them at, they are also easy to install. It can conveniently be transferred and mounted anywhere on the dashboard of your car because of its handiness although it still depends on the size and shape you wish to purchase. Also, this makes the process of configuring portable cameras uncomplicated, and you can reuse them in other vehicles!

In-dash models, on the other hand, take the form of navigation head units and factory infotainment systems, which means that they do not need additional wirings and cables that need to be installed unlike the portable units. Even though they do cost more than the portable units, they have features and variations of systems that the portable units cannot offer.

 Select the Quality for Screen and User-Interface 

The user-interface and quality of screen should be another point to ponder. Whether you own a smartphone, PDA or iPhone, you would not be able to navigate if the maps have small fonts and have bad resolution. Large screens will lessen the likeliness of a distraction since you don’t have to look away from the road too much. However, if you don’t like the screens to be that big, make sure that it is still visible and clear to you while you are driving. In-dash models are encouraged since they are primarily designed for safe driving. Always remember to choose the unit that gives a Touch Screen feature for you to select your options as quickly as possible. Also, low resolution images will snatch your focus away from the road, thus making it more dangerous.

Reassure Updated In-Built Route Maps

This is the prime feature all car GPS navigation systems must have. Remember to double-check the maps in the system you are about to install. Some navigation systems offer a satellite connection that helps you in changing routes because of its live traffic information. It is advisable to assure these features once or twice because it is usually very expensive to upgrade your GPS navigation system, and sometimes, some are just impossible to upgrade and update.

Guarantee Auto Directions

This is another important feature that helps you in a situation where you do not know where to go for shopping, eating etc. With a hands-free call feature, in-built maps, and a detailed system, auto directions will help you navigate through roads and lanes that are changed with construction, accidents, and obstructions at the right time. This feature can warn you if the turn you are about to make will put you in traffic or make you hit another car and any other perilous incident. These are one of the most favourable features searched for in a car navigation system.

Consider the System that Serves Your Interests and Hobbies

For special features, some navigation systems feature an MP3 Player wherein your audio files will be played through a built-in speaker, with a wired or with a wireless connection to the audio system of your car. This feature can also be used for calls when your phone is connected to the audio system. Additionally, a feature also allows you to view images and videos. These features may be useful in certain situations but unless you really do not need one, it is better to scratch this off of your list if you are not interested in the multimedia area of your navigation system.

That’s all there is to it. Consider all these things before buying a car navigation system, and you are good to go.

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