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How To Choose A Good Mattress

How to Buy a Good and Comfortable Mattress

How would you love to lie down on a bed that drowns you in comfort so much, you would feel as if it is literally hugging and pulling you that you can’t get up from it? People are working so hard these days, the last thing we need after a very long and tiring day is a bed that feels like a rock when you are supposed to be having a really nice nap or a good night’s sleep.

Choosing a mattress is a choice between spending that time with you and your bed a good one or a painful one. Poor quality mattresses can give you back sores and a stiff neck/body, and they will definitely hurt in the morning so this gives you a reason to think that we should buy mattresses not only based on a reasonable price but also how it will affect us. If you are out to buy a mattress that helps you achieve the kind of slumber you want, then you need to remember what features a good mattress displays.

Go to a Store that Actually Specializes in Mattresses

Choosing a mattress is not a piece of cake. It is actually like searching for a needle in the haystack. It is good to have precautions and awareness about the effects certain mattresses might give you. Luckily, you can let yourself be aware by going to a store that actually focuses mainly on mattresses., and then, take them mattresses out for a test-drive, maybe, lie on it for a few minutes, and ask a lot of questions about it. Do not be fooled by signs that say it is medically-approved when it’s actually not. Choosing your bed is like choosing a partner.

Pocketed Springs vs. Inner springs Mattresses

In innerspring mattresses, the springs are inter-joint. These mattresses are composed of layers of cushioning, a pillow top layer, and infused gel. If the springs are inter-joint, although it would be easy to shift positions, this would mean that the other side of the area is affected by the movement as in the partner sleeping beside you might get annoyed. This is because inner springs mattresses do not have enough foam layers. This effect can be cut down by alternating the coiling of spring but this cannot be done away with. Inner springs mattresses are also known as the traditional mattresses.

However, pocketed springs are deep in its individual fabric pocket. This pocket does not allow the spring to move around. Hence, only the springs in contact get compressed. Pocketed springs are said to be the foundation of high-quality mattresses. You can safely say that the amount of work being put into the detail is quite remarkable because each size and shape of the mattress has different designs inside. Most of the mattresses though have 1400 pocket springs which most users would refer as not too firm and not too soft. Since they come in different sizes and shapes, it would be good to test them out first so you can decide and see how much pocket springs your mattress has to have for your body type.

Memory Foam That Conforms to the Shape of Your Body

Your comfort on the mattress is what matters the most so choose memory foam, like Memorex, because it conforms to the shape of your body like water in a glass. When the memory foam is used with hard foam layer, it provides a quality of firmness that leads you off to the utmost comfort, especially at the pressure points of your body like the shoulders and the hips. Based on survey, foam is actually the mattress for people who suffer from back and joint pain. It softens the moment you lie on it, and will eventually conform to the shape of your body. Foam will immediately go back to its original shape once you get up from it.

Special Features of Mattresses

Some mattresses already have pillow tops on them. Know yourself enough if you are the kind of person who would have a pillow top on their mattress because it is not for everyone. This might be good for some people’s posture but you have to make sure how it will affect you.

Another special feature that is offered by some mattresses is that it can be adjustable. First you see a chair, and then with just a couple of adjustments here and there, you have a bed. This is also good for a time-to-time elevation for your head and knees to relieve pressure like how some people do with a lot of pillows.

Choose a Breathable Cover

Finally, after having bought a comfortable mattress of your choosing, buy a breathable cover along with it. This will ensure that there would be no perspiration, and that you would get the highest level of comfort. An example for a good quality duvet cover would be something that is made up of natural bamboofibre that can actually pull sweat from your skin and can help you sleep comfortably no matter the room temperature.

Keep in mind that buying a good mattress is spending money on something invaluable. Every day starts with how we feel the moment we wake up. And if we have a good mattress that could always give us the good night’s sleep we deserve, then we can start every day with a smile and a refreshed mind. Always remember to choose a good and comfortable mattress for a good and comfortable life.

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