How To Choose A Video Baby Monitor

How to Choose a Video Baby Monitor That Gives You the Best Value

No parent on earth would want to compromise the safety and health of their kids. As a full-time working parent what do you do to ensure the safety of your kids? Are you still using the traditional home-security cameras or audio monitors?

Be smart enough to trash those things of past and make a wise decision. An advanced video monitor is the best way to keep your kids safe at home. However, even smart buyers remain at fix and do not know how to choose a video baby monitor that can give you the best value for your money. Take care of these things when you are out to buy a video baby monitor so that you can get the best deal.

Check out the Range

No matter how fancy the brand and model appears to you, you should not buy it if it has a small range. If your baby’s nursery is too far from the range of monitor or if there are too many obstacles in between, then there is no point in buying that model. There are many brands which provide you with a range works only for an open field. Avoid buying these brands.

Night Vision

Make sure that the monitors you purchase can operate in dark. Most parents like to sleep in their own bedrooms while their infants sleep in a nursery. The monitors that cannot deliver video footages in the dark are of no use in such a case and are no value for your money. Henceforth, you need to make sure that the one you purchase has a clear footage however dark the surroundings may be.

Battery Life

Mist parents miss out on this important consideration, but yes it is still the most important one. Check whether the monitor has backup battery in case of a temporary power cut. If the monitors have a Wi-Fi feature, they would need more power. Normally, battery life ranges between 3-12 hours, but there are some models that offer more than 12-hours battery backup.

There are other features also which you need to check out before purchasing a video monitor. Battery indicator is one such feature. It helps you know how much battery is left for usage. Some of the latest baby video monitors have a temperature display feature which helps you know the temperature of your baby’s room. With these tips, choose the best baby video monitor.

Security—Digital vs. Analog

Analog monitors are deemed to be less costly. But anyone in range can hear the signal. On the other hand, digital models encrypt the transmission of audio, which makes it nearly impossible for other individuals to eavesdrop and have a ‘digital lock’ to encrypt images and video. To reduce interference with some devices, search for a model that utilizes DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology).

Video, audio and more.

Do you want to make sure that you can hear your baby as soon as he/she gets up? Or simply just want to watch as your baby sleeps. Monitors, which only offer audio, commonly take up less space and are less expensive. Video monitors provide different kinds of choices that include various screen sizes, night-vision images and even cameras that zoom and pan. There are also recently released monitors that work with your smart devices for you to monitor your baby from work or anywhere you want to monitor them. Moreover, there are monitors that track your baby’ vital signs, sound an alert when the baby has not recently moved, keep track of your baby’s room temperature, and even create predictions as to when your baby will possibly wake up.


The smaller the receiver is, the easier you can bring it around your house. Consider whether you want a monitor that works with a smart device that you already own or you want one with a separate parent receiver.

Low-battery indicator

Once the batteries ran out, you may never hear your baby singing something our calling out for you. Buy a monitor that allows you to know when to change its batteries with flashing lights or an alarm.

Sound-activated light

If you are calming another child or vacuuming, you may tend to miss the whimpers of your baby. However, a unit that lights up the moment it detects noise will let you look at the monitor and instantly know that something is going on.

Multiple receivers

There are models that have two receivers. This might be helpful when you want to leave a monitor in your room and bring with you out back or around the house. With particular brands, you could purchase extra receivers. Monitors that run with smart devices will frequently transmit to many devices simultaneous when you elect your share signal with a parent or any one at work.

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