How To Choose A Good Car Dash Cam

5 Things to Consider While Buying A Car-Dash Cam

If you know that buying the right car-dash cam is one of the best things you can do for your safety, make sure to choose the best one. But, what do you do actually look for? High definition, megapixels, angle of lens or the size of the lens? Given here are some tips on choosing the best car-dash cam.

Look for a Looping Feature

Everybody knows what a loop is. So, the real question here is that, what do you need a looping feature for? Not all car-dash cams have this kind of design because some only have limited storage in them. Meaning, you can only store few memories and account events because of its limited capacity. Thus, you have to make sure that the car dash cam you buy has a looping feature. This feature ensures that the dash cam records over old video footage automatically and you would not need to delete the old files manually.

Look for G-force Sensors

If you already have a looping feature available on your car-dash cam, why is there a need for you to also look for one which has G-force sensors? As a matter-of-fact, you should consider buying a dash cam that has this type of feature. This is usually called as an accelerometer wherein it will do its job to monitor your car’s proper acceleration also known as your car’s G-force. For instance, the dash cam can sense if there is an abrupt change in direction which can be caused by an accident. More so, these types of dash cams can save all the footage of an accident, in the unfortunate occurrence of one, instead of looping them over even without the interference of the driver. Hence, they are very useful in a way that they automatically store sensitive footage and you need not worry whether you have pressed a single button or not.

Look for One That Can Record Night-time Footage

Make sure your dash cam is capable of recording footage at night or even in dark surroundings. Why? This is for the reason that we all encounter accidents in one way or another whether we like it or not. Buying one that cannot work in low light will be of little use. Imagine that you are involved in a serious accident without any proof of your innocence. Imagine what that would cost you—undergoing legal procedures and so on, so make sure that this tops your list. Also, models with infrared vision are not dependable. Avoid buying them.

Look for Lane Departure Warnings

This is one of the key features you should consider when buying a dash-cam. This is because it helps you stay focused on the road. Basically, the lane departure warning can detect if your vehicle is about to move out of the lane because it has highly technical aspects such as digital image processing and recognition ability. So, the moment you are about to be out of bounds, there will be a voice alarm reminding you of your safety. Apart from this important feature, there are other small useful features that a car dash cam should have like motion sensors. These sensors can record break-ins after detecting them and keep your valuable car secure. Battery backup should also be considered.

Look for the Best Image Quality

More than being a source of entertainment, dash cams also help in laying out evidences when accidents strike. As they are mostly used by insurance companies to identify who are the suspect and the victim, the most important consideration then, without a doubt, is image quality. So, do not settle for an inferior quality. If you are buying a dash cam which records in lesser than 1080p quality, then it will be worthless. Choose one that can record in 2560 X 1080 or more.  You would be able to get a wider view of all the happenings around your car.

Look for a Smaller Size

Most importantly, while driving a car, all view-obstructions are dangerous. You need to avoid large dash cams which can block your line of sight. Do not let your dash cams occupy too much of the space of your car and in return, compromise your safety. So, just keep in mind that the more compact and the smaller it is the safer. It should also have an automatic on and off feature. This means it should be able to turn on with the engine of car and turn off with it.

With this comprehensive list, you should be able to buy a car-dash camera with high significant features that do not without a doubt let you disappoint through its quality value. Everything written above is all there is for you to know so go ahead and consider your options.