Real Musical Instruments for Toddlers

Finding Real Musical Instruments for Toddlers

As much as we want our toddlers to learn how to read, we also want them to learn how to play a musical instrument. At least for those parents who are musically inclined, they want their children to be exposed to the same passion growing up.

Now, because of the many different types of musical instruments that are available these days, it is often hard for parents to find that one musical instrument to buy for their toddlers. Perhaps even if you are already an expert to music, it would be hard to choose which musical instrument suits best, especially when the needs and interest of your toddlers are the main concern.

But don’t get discouraged just yet. Even if you will be bombarded by a lot of different options to choose from, there is always a way for you to choose the real musical instruments for toddlers. In the end, when you’ve found and made use of the tips that will be discussed in this article, you could say to yourself that it isn’t hard as you thought it would be. Finding real musical instruments for toddlers is as easy as following these tips:

The String Instruments

If you are a musician yourself, you know for a fact that string instruments are good startups for toddlers. But first, you need to consider what string instruments are best real musical instruments for toddlers before heading to the music store. There are different types of string instruments available, such as a violin, guitar, cello, and more. Now, depending on the age and readiness of your child, you may opt to buy a violin for him or her.

Teaching toddlers how to play a violin while still young is actually a good option. Violin comes in different sizes available; therefore it would be easier for you to choose a size that fits best your child’s age. As your child grows, of course, you can consider moving to a higher size.

Please note that your child’s progress in learning real musical instruments for toddlers wouldn’t be as fast as intermediate players. Therefore, parents must be patient and set aside consistent practice time for their toddlers at home or at school.

It is also a good thing if you are a music teacher or a musician yourself because you can be able to share some tips to your learning toddler. Don’t worry if the progress is slow in the beginning as that is a normal expectation from any music teacher of a toddler, but then again, expect the progress to become faster as the child grows up. If you want to be hands on in teaching your child, you need to always consider the result of your hard work in the end.

The Woodwind Instruments

Getting real musical instruments for toddlers also means investing in woodwind instruments. Some common woodwind instruments include a flute, clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon.

Experts would suggest considering getting a flue for your toddler as this kind of musical instrument is exciting for toddlers, plus there are also a lot of options to choose from. Since flute is small in size, it would be easier for toddlers to hold them and play them comfortably.

Also, clarinet comes in different sizes. If your child has small hands, you can choose a lighter version of these real musical instruments for toddlers. As your child grows up, you can upgrade to a higher version or one that is larger in size. What’s more important is that the child can play with it comfortably.

The Brass Instruments

Aside from the real musical instruments for toddlers mentioned awhile ago, you can also choose one under the brass instruments. Just like the flute and clarinet, brass instruments come in different sizes for parents to choose from. With that being said, you can very much choose a size that would fit best their age and size.

The other good thing about this musical instrument is that it is relative cheap, especially if you are buying it for a beginner, like your toddler. Experts would suggest not buying an expensive instrument yet for your toddler, especially if they are still learning, because you don’t know until when they’ll be interested with it. Rather, start with something relatively cheap but useful and functional for them to use during lesson time.

That is why the brass instruments are good choices as real musical instruments for toddlers. They come in different prices to choose from, and once your child progress in his learning, you can consider upgrading to a more expensive one.

The Music Teacher

Knowing what real musical instruments  for toddlers would fit best is the same as knowing that right age is appropriate for them to begin with the music lessons. Consider some factors first such as the readiness of your child to learn a musical instrument and the music teacher who can teach them. How well your child plays is dependent on how well his music teacher teaches. Therefore, choose a good music teacher who knows not only music and the musical instrument, but as well as the behavior and characteristics of a toddler learning them. Consider asking for recommendations from friends and family members so you can find a reputable music teacher for toddlers in your place.

Basically, it is not difficult to choose real musical instruments for toddlers if you just know which type of instrument is suitable for them. It is also important as a parent that you instill in their hearts passion for music so that learning would be more fun and exciting for them.

At the end of the day, real instruments for toddlers serve a lot of different purposes. One is to keep them stronger and confident with their skills and talents. Second is to widen their imagination. As a parent, remember that you are their first audience, so praise them for every good job done for this can boost their confidence and interest in learning and playing musical instruments. Moreover, real musical instruments for toddlers help improve physical skills and develop new ones.

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