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The 5 Best Things to Do in Japan

When it comes to having a bucket list of best places to travel every year, make sure you don’t miss out Japan. Being myself a traveler, I will summarize below the 5 best things to do in Japan.

Japan has always been everyone’s favorite. It has always been a dream for most people around the world to be able to travel to this country and explore is extravagant and unique culture.

Japan is considered as one of the oldest countries in the world. With that being said, you could really say how rich the culture is for this country. True indeed, because those who have already gone to Japan would really say that there’s more to this country than meets the eye.

It would be so impossible to discover the entire nation in just one trip. That is why a lot of tourists re-visit Japan year after year because the place in itself would never exhaust them. It never fails to astonish tourists with their marvelous temples, extraordinary culture, delicious food, and friendly people.

Yes, if ever you are worried about your personal safety and security when traveling to another country, Japan would never let you down! Japan has been known as one of the safest countries to travel in the world because of its low crime rate and friendly community.

In Japan, expect yourself to get assistance right away whenever you ask the locals for help. It is so easy to get connected with them as they are just so friendly to everyone.

Aside from that, the other part where most tourists are excited about is Japanese food. Only in Japan you could taste authentic Japanese cuisines. Japanese cuisines, as we all know, are very intricate to prepare. Japanese chefs are well trained to prepare all of them, and the ingredients are made in Japan.

So if you want to go to Japan, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to be familiar with their culture beforehand, and next would be to list down some of the fun things to do while you are there.

In this article, we are going to share with you some ideas on what to do once you arrive in Japan.

Visit historical sites

Visit historical sites in Japan

As mentioned awhile ago, Japan has very rich history. And if you want to take a glimpse of their vibrant history, one of the things you could do is to visit their historical sites.

Historical sites are everywhere in Japan. But if you want to see more of it, perhaps the best place would be in Kyoto since it is the oldest capital of Japan where much of its history occurred.

Kyoto is a place where you can find many temples and people still wearing their traditional clothes – kimono. It is also a place where you can really imagine for yourself the events that happened in the past because of the old structures and houses around.

Of course, you would also expect a lot of tourists going to these sites, so it would be an opportunity to interact with them as well if you want.

In these historical sites, you can hear lots of interesting stories and also see lots of ancient artifacts of days old. Your eyes would be full just by looking at them. Perhaps some of the artifacts you could find are Japanese weapons, traditional clothing, manuscripts, potteries, and a lot more!

Eat sushi 

Eat Sushi in Japan

There is no other best place to eat sushi than in Japan. Sushi is like a national dish in Japan. In Japan, you could find many restaurants serving authentic sushi. This means from the ingredients down to the cuts, they are prepared by authentic Japanese chefs.

You would surely enjoy the delightful taste of Japanese sushi. In fact, you can also try the revolving sushi, if you like, so you can taste different flavors of it.

Sushi can be very expensive, depending on the Japanese restaurant you go to. But, the good news is that there are plenty of sushi bars that serve delicious yet affordable sushi plates for your enjoyment.

Aside from sushi, there are still other traditional Japanese dishes that you can try when in Japan, such as Udon and ramen. These are all delicious and a must try for every tourist out there who plans to go to Japan.

Since some of the popular dishes in Japan are quite expensive, it would be better to set your budget for the food way ahead of time. You can probably do your research and be familiar with the prices for each dish you would like to try, and then set your budget.

Doing so would ensure that you really get to taste the delicious dishes of this country.

Wear costumes and fashion accessories

Wear costumes and fashion accessories in Japan

One of the reasons why people love to go to Japan is because they want to see people wearing colorful and attractive costumes and fashion accessories of their favorite anime character.

Yes, we all know that anime is a big hit in Japan and in all parts of the world, such as Philippines and America. Because of this, it seems normal already for the people there to wear costumes at any given day, with or without special occasions.

The good news is that you too can join in the fun! Any tourist in Japan can also bring with them their favorite anime costume and roam around the city to entertain people. And if you have not gotten one for yourself yet, then might as well shop in Japan. Japan has plenty of stores that sell these costumes and accessories for cosplay. And many people there are really into it.

If you want to join in the fun, all you need to do is to choose that specific character you want to portray. Dress yourself up and you’re ready to go! Whether you are a tourist or not, anyone is free to play around with their favorite cosplay attire.

Sing Karaoke!

Sing Karaoke in Japan

Whether you love karaoke singing or not, you should not miss it out if you want to complete the fun in your trip.

Karaoke singing is famous in Japan simply because people there love karaoke. It is a form of relaxation and enjoyment for them.

Japanese people are very workaholic. Most of them, after a very tiring day at work, go to karaoke bars with their friends to sing and have fun. It may seem to be a different form of enjoyment and relaxation for you, but for them it can already make their day!

For this reason, the karaoke bars in Japan have attractive designs that can really entice outsiders to come and try it out. Colorful lights, entertainers, good food, and good songs are what make their karaoke bars a usual hangout place for both locals and tourists.

You too can go there just like what other tourists have been doing. Enjoy the music, dance to the groove, and sing your heart out.

Climbing mountains

Climbing mountains in Japan

If you are the kind of person who likes extreme adventures, then perhaps mountain climbing in Japan would be one of the activities for you.

Just like some tourists, they go to Mount Fuji – one of UNESCO World Heritage sites, to climb and see the beauty of Mother Nature. It is a perfect place to be astonished and to be moved emotionally.

A lot of beautiful events happened here, such as wedding proposals, love confessions, birthday celebrations, and a lot more!

Not many people know that Mount Fuji is very symbolic to Japan. To be able to climb up there is really a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you have plans to visit Japan in the future and has this activity included on your itinerary list, make sure you know the time period for climbing Mt. Fuji. According to experts and most tour guides, the perfect time would be from July to September. You can book your flight during that time.

There are still other great activities you can do in Japan, aside from the top 5 we’ve mentioned awhile ago. Regardless, going to Japan would surely be a wonderful experience for any tourist out there. As what we have observed, people who have gone there before always keep coming back. This signifies how beautiful the place really is.

Perhaps when you go there, you wouldn’t forget your first train experience. But don’t be too overwhelmed with everything you see. Just enjoy and take part of the things that are happening there. By doing these activities in Japan, it would feel like you are engaging their culture and that’s the best thing! If you are not bored or homesick at all, then it could be a sign that you are having a great time!

Don’t also forget to visit some souvenir shops in Japan before you leave. There are lots of souvenir jobs you can visit there. You could pick one to bring with you when you go home that would be very symbolic to your overall Japan trip experience.


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