The Best Type of Eyeliner for Beginners

The Best Type of Eyeliner for Beginners

You have heard people say that the eyes are the key to one’s soul. Whether you believe that or not, you just can’t help but accept the fact that our eyes are one of the keys to improving our image.

As far as beauty is concern, people are not afraid to try out different things that would make their eyes glow and appear beautiful. That is why technology has paved the way for make-up artists to create a good solution to keep our eyes look good. One of the solutions to that is to use eyeliner to emphasize one’s beauty.

Over the years, the use of eyeliners has become a norm for all those who are seeking for self improvement and attention.  True indeed, eyeliners have been successful in proving to us that it is a necessary tool to improve one’s look.

Now eyeliners come in different types and the way you would want your eyes to look depends on the type of eyeliner you use. If you think that only beauty experts have an access to this type of information, you need to think twice. Even beginners can know which type of eyeliner is best for them. If you want to know the best type of eyeliner for beginners, here are some tips:

Knowing the different types of eyeliner

As someone seeking for the best type of eyeliner for beginners, it is but important for you to know first the different types available so you can know in the end which one fits best for you. The different types include a gel, liquid, and pencil. Although there is nothing wrong with buying all of them and doing some sort of experiment, but if you are still a beginner, you have to know first which type matches your appearance. Then you can move to other different types to experiment on different looks.

Always remember that each type has different application and skill level. For example, if you want to start easy, the best and most recommended option is the pencil. Most eyeliner these days come in pencil form and you can find someone who can teach you how to apply it. However, if you are going to use a pencil type of eyeliner, make sure you sharpen it regularly. This will give you ease when applying as well as keep it clean always. A well-sharpened pencil can help you connect your lash line easily and precisely.

The right color to choose

If you think that finding the best type of eyeliner for beginners is just about finding which type suits best, you need to consider again. One of the important factors to consider as well is the color. As you can see, different eyeliner comes in different colors; therefore you need to know which color suits best. The most common color to choose is black, especially if you are a beginner. But some beginners also like the color brown to match their hair color. So it totally depends on you. You can choose an eyeliner color that matches your hair, skin color, and color of your eyes. There are also some who would match it to the color of their make-up.

If you are a beginner, you can begin collecting affordable eyeliners in different colors so you can experiment and have fun with your makeup if you like.

Learn the importance of a cotton swab

For someone like you who is looking for the best type of eyeliner for beginners, it is not enough to just focus on the product itself, but as well as learn how to apply it perfectly. It is alright to make mistakes in the beginning, because just as what they always say, “Practice Makes perfect.” So don’t get frustrated when there are misalignments or mess during practice, because mistakes will lead to perfection in the end with constant practice.

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So when you mess up, you just remove the makeup using cotton swab and start all over again. As a beginner, bringing a cotton swab with you will always come in handy. However, you need to make sure that you remove the makeup quickly before it completely dries up and becomes hard for you to remove. By using a cotton swab, you just have to erase the mess while it is still wet.

Knowing the benefits of using a liquid eyeliner

As mentioned, a pencil type of eyeliner is the most common type, but today, it seems like using liquid eyeliner has become a fad. It is also considered as one of the best type of eyeliner for beginners.

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If you intend to buy liquid eyeliner and use it, make sure to avoid smudging it during your first use. Make sure it is completely dried up before moving your eyes or face.  What you can do is to keep your eyes closed for half an hour after applying it. There are also some people who would use a complimentary eyeshadow to hasten the drying effect and also improve the looks.

Read reviews

The best type of eyeliner for beginners can easily be found if you do your research diligently. It pays a lot reading some reviews about famous eyeliner out there. For sure, you would feel tired and overwhelmed by a number of products and brands available in the market these days. But there is no need to be confused any longer; you have the help of experts and recommendations from people you know. They can help you get the best type of eyeliner for beginners you are looking for. The internet, for example, is a good place to get this information.

Whether you are just a beginner or an already expert in choosing the best type of eyeliner out there, it still pays a lot to study more about it and learn which type or brand is the best for your looks. Always remember that there will always be a new brand that will arise every now and then, and you need not to be behind the trend. Get the best type of eyeliner now.



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