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The Coolest Smart Watches Everyone Should Try

We live in a world where technology is always at its peak, and it is just so hard not to cope up. Everywhere you go, you always see the power of technology dominating around schools, offices, and buildings.

Technology didn’t stop there! It also made tremendous changes to the watch industry, from a simple ticking of a clock to what they call now a smart watch. What is a smart watch? Find out as we introduce you to some of the coolest smart watches of today.

Samsung Gear S2

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What do people love about Samsung Gear S2? The answer to that question lies on its features that make life easier and more convenient for users.

With the Samsung Gear S2, you can directly contact someone on your phonebook, or perhaps access to some of the apps that you have on your phone. This smart watch is simply connected to your Smartphone, so whenever there is a text message, a phone call, or any types of updates, you will be notified right away.

This kind of Smart watch lets you also call a taxi when you are on the road. It updates your schedule by synching your notes directly to your Samsung Gear S2.

Traveling can also be safer and more fun with its location tracker. And when it comes to your health, the Samsung Gear S2 is able to monitor that for you.

The Samsung Gear S2 is perfect for your travel needs. With its long battery life, you can be sure that you will always have your needs at hand.

The Gear S2 is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, so you can sync your devices and get more out of every moment of your day.

At a Glance:

  • Circular touchscreen and rotational bezel navigation
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Samsung Gear S2 is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones 
  • Get calendar notifications, texts, and news from your phone right on your wrist 
  • Wireless charging dock included
  • Built-in fitness tracking

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Apple Watch

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Unlike before, the Apple Watch is now up to 7 times faster. This means that accessing your apps through your Apple Watch will now be easy and fast.  Aside from that, it lets you enjoy watching OS games allowing for embedded video with quality audio.

One of the newest features of the Apple watch is the one that support wheelchair users. These users can now share activity data and request for support whenever they want.

It is also now easier to get notifications through the Apple Watch after series of redesigning it. Today, you can now have a new and improved messaging experience.

Finally, the Apple Watch has its own SOS feature that will automatically call the emergency services when emergency situations arise. All you need to do is just press and hold the button on the side of the watch and then automatically, your location will be detected. This is perfect when you are traveling and you don’t know the number to dial.

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Motorola Moto 360

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The Moto 360 is a carefully designed smart watch with an idea of getting back in time. What the designers did was to get inspirations from old timepieces and incorporate them to modern-day’s design.

If you are someone who is more particular with designs and style, then the Moto 360 is perfect for you! It is a very stylish smart watch which can truly represent your personal style. The goal of this type of smart watch is not just give you enjoyment through the features it has, but as well as make you feel good every time you wear it.

One of the promises of the Moto 360 is to provide you a smart watch that is not only functional but as well as high-quality metal. Also, attached to it is genuine leather that makes it very smooth to touch and feel even when you are closing your eyes.

What Moto 360 wants to achieve is to create an amazing piece of technology that will stand the test of time.

Check now the accessories available for Moto 360.

Huawei Watch

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When it comes to smart watches, people know that it is not just about functionality. They know that they also need to consider other important factors, such as the sense of style and timeless fashion and design. That is why the Huawei Watch is designed to have a classic round shaped case beam to achieve that. It has a round shape and a watch surface diameter of 42 millimeters.

The Huawei Watch is perfect for all occasions, whether you are going to a party or a sports activity. It is designed to have the perfect size and strap that would fit best all occasions. Since it is suitable for both men and women, you can find a lot of different materials (leather and stainless metal), and designs for the straps to choose from. You get to choose which material and design fits best the occasion. And you can interchange the straps as often as you like too!

They made the Huawei Watch to a luxury watch with a sapphire glass. The entire process was meticulously done to give it a richer feel. Every tiny detail was taken into consideration to give every user a remarkable experience of a classic watch.


  • Built-in GPS and continuous heart rate: monitor your heart rate and track your workout routes without your phone
  • Scientific sleep tracking: HUAWEI TruSleep keeps track of light, deep and REM sleep stages to make your sleep truly restful
  • Workout Coach: get real-time guidance and workout data such as recovery time and Vo2 Max
  • NFC and Google assistant: make payments and have a personal voice assistant from your wrist
  • Music and power: you can download and listen to music by Google play music on your watch. And you can optimize power consumption settings to get the most out of your device

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The Ticwatch is the world’s 1st Cellular Android Wear Smart Watch that is compatible to both iOS and Android systems.

Imagine having a smart watch that will not only display the time but as well as let you call, exercise, and enjoy music without touching your phone.

The promise of Ticwatch is to give you a smart watch that has all the features you need at hand to live a more convenient and easier life. With it, you can have quick access to all of your favorite apps and contacts.

It even serves well for athletes and sports junkies because the smart watch itself has its own personal coaching feature that will keep track of your speed and progress.

During the day, your Ticwatch will forecast the weather condition for you to keep you safe and prepared at all times.

Never miss an important event with its calendar and reminders and share emojis to express thoughts and feelings. Experience clear and lag-free voice quality with Ticwatch because at the end of the day, communication matters most!


  • Download top-rated fitness Wear OS apps like Google Fit, Strava, Runkeeper.
  • Discover endless possibilities in one place. Sleep monitoring, call an Uber, music on watch, multi-language support, news, watch faces and much more.
  • Personalize your look with interchangeable watch bands to suit any occasion.
  • IP67 water & dust resistant. Never worry about sweating it out. (Not suitable for complete submersion).
  • Map out your jog with Glonass and GPS sensor. Accurately track your performance with stats like steps, speed, distance, calories burned and much more.
  • Accurately track your heart rate in real-time with the built-in PPG sensor. 7
  • With Google Play Music on TicWatch E, enjoy music without your phone. Perfect for those on a run.
  • Be notified of incoming calls, messages, emails and news with just a glance.

TicWatch Tech Specification:
OS: Wear OS by Google

Compatible Devices: Android 4.3+ and iOS 9.0 Bluetooth:Bluetooth v4.1/BLE

Sensor: HR Monitor, Accelerometer, e-Compass,etc.

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