Top 5 Easiest Instruments to Learn on Your Own

Guitar (Acoustic)

The guitar is definitely one of the most popular instruments in the world. It is taught at school, in music shops, and even at church! You can even take guitar lessons with just the use of the internet and your computer, and you will learn more than 3 songs in just one sitting – guaranteed. This six-stringed fretted instrument can be played by the use of chords. When you are just learning, you will discover that there are major chords to be learned first. Even with these major chords, you can play more songs than you have expected! In playing the guitar, there is the existence of a pattern called the universal chords, and by using them, you can literally play more than 10 songs, and you can even arrange them in your own way and discover that you are already playing a song from today’s music. Cool, huh? But you need to know that when you are just beginning to play this instrument, you will also experience some challenges. Because this is a fretted instrument, you are going to use your one hand with some strength for you to exert force on the strings. This is going to cause some soreness on your fingers, perhaps, for a week or two but after that, it will be a cake walk.

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When you know how to play the guitar, this 4-stringed instrument will be easy for you. However, if you don’t, the ukulele will still be easy to learn on your own and could help you ease through your journey in learning the guitar. This instrument is much smaller than the guitar that you are familiar with, and they also give a different music vibe. But just like the guitar, they can also cause a little bit of soreness on your fingertips if you’re not used to playing it yet. Also, they plucking patterns can also be complicated to learn especially when the size of the instrument does not agree with you. However, with only 4 nylon strings, this instrument is super fun to play. You can learn new songs in just a few weeks because it has simple chords that only require 1-3 of your fingers. Learn one now and see how addictive it can be!

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Keyboard Piano

Although the piano can be complicated to learn, keyboard might make it easier for you. The keyboard is the shorter version of the piano. It can play electric sounds for you to remix with like bass drums, cymbals, and even dog sounds! The keyboard also allows you to change the sound of your playing and make it sound like you’re using the violin, the cello, and many other instruments. Although multi-tasking and coordination of your two hands might be complicated to some people, knowing how to play the keyboard does not have to be. You just need to have a lot of patience and determination. An additional effort for this that will make it easier for you to learn is to know how to read notes. If you know how to read them, you can play as many songs as you like, and never get tired of it!

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The Flute

The flute is “air” instrument. It is small and very easy to hold. To master this instrument, you just need to familiarize the tone of the sound it makes as you lift one finger at a time. It is very easy to practice with the flute at home because you can control how loud or quiet it has to be by just controlling the intensity of how you blow. However, learning how to play the flute might require you some breathing exercises because it takes a lot of air from you considering that only 20% of what you released will go through the instrument. This is very important to remember especially when you play a long piece of music or a song that is fast-paced.

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Beatbox Drum

The beatbox drum is in the acoustic section of musical instruments. It is somehow like a box with a hole on the side to insert purpose, and the wood in front of it is thinner than on the sides. Playing the beatbox drum is easy to learn because you just have to listen to the song you like and study the beat of it. Also, there are different areas of the beatbox drum that produce different sounds, and you have to familiarize them to know which beat fits to that part of the song. However, the complicated part about playing the beatbox drum is that it requires different positions of your hands as you hit it because that is how it produces the different levels of beats like hitting it with only two fingers, your wrist, your knuckles, and many more. It can also sting your hands sometimes when you hit it too hard. But you need not worry because once you get used to it, even without other musical instruments accompanying, you can sing along while playing your beatbox drum, and you might even create your own beats!

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Learn any of these musical instruments today, and enjoy the most beautiful thing life has to offer – music!

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