Top 7 Places to See in the Cayman Islands

If you are someone who loves traveling around the world for the sake of island-hopping and underwater activities, then this article is right for you!

People travel to different parts of the world bringing with them a lot of reasons why, and we all know that the most common of them all is to have fun and relax.

So it is just fitting for anyone to find a perfect destination spot that gives them what they want – maximum enjoyment and convenience!

Yes, there might be a lot of options to choose from nowadays, but don’t get confused just yet. In this article, we are going to share with you one of the favorite island destinations for most tourists around the world – and we are talking about the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is known as a perfect place to do a lot of fun activities for leisure and also to relax. Many book a tour in this place because of the many things that it has to offer.

Within the Cayman Islands are beautiful places that you should visit. If you want to know each one of them, here are the details:

Seven Mile Beach

If you love the sea breeze and going underwater, then the Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands should be on your list.

Upon seeing its coastline stretched out beautifully, you would think everything is surreal. But yes, this kind of place in the world exists and it continues to boast of its beautiful and relaxing view.

People come here to go snorkeling to see the beautiful landscapes underwater, the beautiful creatures, and the corals in their splendor.

Oftentimes, people come here riding on a cruise ship and visiting the famous beaches such as the Seven Mile Beach. You too can enjoy the serenity in this place and for sure you will be accommodated by everyone you meet.

Meander Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

If you think that the Cayman Islands are just about beaches and a relaxing view, you need to think twice. The truth is that the Cayman Islands have a lot of things to offer to every tourist who goes there.

The Meander Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is one of the famous places in the Cayman Islands that will take around 30 minutes for you to explore. What you are going to find here are beautiful animals and one-of-a-kind plants that are preserved by the locals there.

Here you can find some unique plants that will really captivate your eyes. The truth is that these plants cannot just be found anywhere in the world. So if you happen to visit the Cayman Islands, make sure you don’t fail to visit this famous botanical park as it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for you.

The Seafood

Going to the Cayman Islands wouldn’t be complete without tasting their delectable, famous delicacies. And if you want to taste authentic Cayman Food, then you should go to The Seafood.

This place is actually called the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” simply because it is the most favorite among those who want to taste scrumptious seafood in Cayman Island.

In here, you can hop from one restaurant to another, so that you get to taste a variety of dishes to choose from served by various restaurants.

Aside from that, it is where you can find Kaibo, a romantic restaurant that is perfect for those who are traveling for the honeymoon.

The USS Kittiwake

People go to the Cayman Islands not just to relax but as well as to try scuba diving in some of the islands there.

One of the most favorite spots for scuba diving in the Cayman Islands is the USS Kittiwake.

It has been said that out of the 365 diving sites in the Cayman Islands, the USS Kittiwake is one of the tourists’ favorites. Diving here will give you a totally fun experience, as you get to see many different creatures underwater that perhaps you have not yet seen before, such as the stingray-ridden sandbars.

Since the water is crystal clear, you could see the entire ship from the surface. Many divers go there and take a look at the submerged, long-abandoned ship.

Aside from that, you get to see beautiful coral reefs underneath.

Stingray City

Aside from scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, you can also go snorkeling in Stingray City.

It is a good place to do such an activity for the obvious reason that it has a lot of stingrays in the area. This happened because of the fishermen many years ago used to feed these stingrays, so now it has become a natural habitat for them where they feel safe and well taken care of.

Because of this, the Stingray City in Cayman Island has become a tourist attraction because many people want to see these incredible creatures. Tourists can feed them and befriend them if they like.

If you want to go the Stingray City, all you need to do is to book a tour in going there.

Starfish Point

One of the reasons why many tourists come to this area in the Cayman Island is because it is where you can find beautiful starfish.

In fact, you can easily spot them in the shores. It has been said that there are over 2,000 species of starfish in this area, which is why many tourists come and visit this place to see how beautiful they are.

However, tourists are not allowed to remove them from their natural environment, so bringing home a real and live starfish is a no-no.

But aside from seeing those beautiful starfish in the Starfish Point, you can also go to the beach and relax. You need to experience complete beauty and serenity in this area.

West Bay Loop

After you are done doing all the underwater and relaxing activities in Cayman Island, the next thing you could do is to go to a kitesurfing school.

In fact, the West Bay Loop is a great place to visit if you are looking for other means to have fun. In here, you can try out other activities, such as taking photos of old furniture, go biking, or just befriend the locals in the area.

You will never run out of things to do whenever you are here.