What Are the Things to Buy Before Giving Birth?

There is no easy route when it comes to giving birth. Every mother or mother-to-be out there need to first go through a series of difficulties in order to be successful at giving birth.

However, don’t panic just yet. Giving birth to your baby is a totally great experience. And each experience is unique. Your experience may not have be the same as other’s experiences. But that is okay! The goal is for you to experience everything smoothly and with peace of mind.

There are different ways to achieve success in giving birth for all mothers out there. One would go for the traditional method of giving birth, while others would rely on information they got from experts and health professionals. Basing from today’s trend, you would easily say that giving birth to a baby is no longer as hard as before. Thanks to technology. But still, regardless of whether or not technology is one your side, you need to be prepared at all times.

Preparing everything you need before the day of giving birth will give you peace of mind and focus. Few months before your schedule day of delivery, you should already be buying the things you need. So what are those things to buy before giving birth? Here are the answers:

Cotton balls

Oftentimes, mothers overlook the importance of buying cotton balls before giving birth. Cotton balls are important things to buy before giving birth because they serve their purposes well.

During the first few days or a month after your baby is born, cotton balls well serve as your basics in cleaning your baby. You need it for wiping the eyes and for cleaning some parts of the body. The best thing about cotton balls is that they are very easy to use, not to mention very hygienic. You can just wet it with warm water and you’ll be able to clean your baby’s eyes.

Diaper ointment

Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, diaper ointment should be on your list for the things to buy before giving birth. The moment your baby is born until he or she is already done with potty training, he or she has to wear diapers all the time. While diapers serve its purpose well, improper handling may lead to rash and infection.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to apply diaper ointment on the surface of your baby’s skin before putting diapers on. Diaper ointments serve as a barrier or protection for your skin against irritation, rash, redness, and swelling. Make sure to consult your doctor though before buying.

Baby mittens

Don’t every take baby mittens lightly. Some mothers don’t even know what they are for!

Baby mittens are one of the things to buy before giving birth simply because they serve to cover the hands and nails of your baby. Imagine having to deal with those tiny hands and fingers, it would be impossible to cut their nails.

Baby mittens will protect babies from accidentally scratching their face and other parts of the body. Without baby mittens on, you would imagine what will happen.

The good news is that some baby clothes you can find these days have built-in mittens into the sleeves. This is a good buy and you should try it as well.

Disposable, breathable cotton underwear

In case you don’t know, you will bleed a lot after giving birth. It would be one of your worst nightmares. It would be uncomfortable having to deal with excessive blood for a couple of days. But don’t worry about it too much because this is normal and would go away eventually.

You just have to focus on how to stay comfortable after giving birth. One of the things to buy before giving birth is cotton underwear which you can use one time, then dispose it right away.

During heavy flow, this will keep you dry and comfy you don’t even care throwing it away afterwards. And besides, the packs are cheap so it is totally worth buying.

Extra maxi pads

Almost all hospitals will give you maxi pads to wear right after giving birth to keep you dry. Like what was mentioned awhile ago, you would expect to experience heavy flow, so you would expect to be using maxi pads for as long as the flow would subside.

Hospitals will only provide you 1, if not only a few of it to use. This means for the rest of the days, you are responsible for buying your own maxi pads. That is why you should put it on your list for things to buy before giving birth extra maxi pads for you to use.

Make sure to choose the extra thick maxi pads for proper absorption and with wings to avoid blood from leaking. For sure, this will keep you comfy and dry throughout the day while you focus on taking care of your baby.

Baby nail file

You probably have not heard of this before, but a baby nail file is actually one of the things to buy before giving birth. Oftentimes, you would become so concern about the big things that you miss out on the small items.

No matter how small it is, a baby nail file plays an important role as far as keeping your baby’s nails short and safe from accidents. Short nails, as mentioned, will protect your baby from accidentally scratching his or her face. It is enough to just have them wear baby mittens; you must also file them to be sure.

What better way to get rid of those sharp nails than by filing it using a baby nail file? It is very cheap and it is everywhere you wouldn’t have a hard time finding them at the department store. 

These and still a lot more are some of the things to buy before giving birth. You can start listing them down so you will not forget any of them. While you still can walk and there is no labor pains felt yet, you go buy them and place them in one bag – your go-to maternity bag. Then you are ready for this wonderful experience!

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